5 to 11 year Pfizer Vaccination Information

We look forward to vaccinating your child with the paediatric Pfizer vaccine.

Information about the vaccine is available here.

You will be able to book their second dose of the vaccine online immediately after your first visit. The second dose is recommended 8 weeks after the first.

Please ensure your child is dressed for easy access to their upper arm, e.g. t-shirt, singlet.

We will provide lollipops.

We recommend all children aged 5-11 years sit on a carer’s lap and are held in a hug during the vaccine. Even cooperative children can recoil away during the vaccine.

To secure your child safely, sit them sideways on your lap. With one hand, hold the elbow of the arm that will be vaccinated. If they are uncooperative, ensure the other arm is secured as well, so they cannot push the needle away. You can tuck this arm behind your arm.


The majority of children are cooperative with gentle coaxing from a parent. However, if your child is struggling and you cannot hold them still, we will be unable to provide the vaccination. It would not be safe for the child, the parent or the vaccinator to proceed.

Tips for children who are anxious about injections.

Do the vaccination without delay once they enter the room. The most stressful past is the apprehension prior.

If you have multiple children who need to be vaccinated, vaccinate the most anxious child first. Preferably bring the children in one at a time, with another parent present outside. A classic negotiating tactic from children is to go last. Having vaccinated thousands of children, our experience is that anxious children have increasing anxiety watching others have their vaccine. This is the case even if the vaccine does not cause distress to others who are receiving a vaccine and who say it was fine.

Anxious children often go into ‘fight or flight mode. They cannot be reasoned with or bribed. It is kindest to quickly hold them securely and have the vaccine as soon as possible. The child’s anxiety will resolve quickly.