COVID Vaccination Appointments

COVID-19 vaccine bookings now available for group 1B. The quickest way to make an appointment is online:




New appointments will be added regularly as we receive more stock. If we are fully booked online, we do not have appointments available, so please do not call to book. Reception is experiencing a high volume of calls.

Week one of the COVID-19 vaccination program will provide 200,000 vaccinations in Australia. Group 1B is estimated to include 14.8 million people. Australian production of the COIVD-19 vaccine is expected to be one million vaccines per week from the end of March. The roll-out is starting slow, but vaccine availability will improve. We appreciate your patience.

After your vaccine you will need to wait for 15 minutes. If you are feeling well you may leave. While you wait, place a reminder in your calendar for your booster in 12 weeks time. Bookings will be available a few weeks ahead of your second vaccine. Your second vaccine will be reserved for you at the practice and there is no need to rush.

At your appointment we will run through a pre-vaccination checklist. This ensures that it is safe to give the vaccination and whether we need to take any additional precautions.

COVID-19 vaccine safety checklist.

Do you have any serious allergies, particularly anaphylaxis? Wait for 30 minutes after the vaccine.

Have you had an allergic reaction after being vaccinated before? You may need extra observation.

Do you have a mast cell disorder? You have a higher risk of anaphylaxis, please alert staff.

Do you have a bleeding disorder? Apply pressure to the injection site, you have a higher chance of bleeding.

Do you take any medicine to thin your blood (anticoagulants)? Apply pressure to the injection site, you have a higher chance of bleeding.

Do you have a weakened immune system (immunocompromised)? Immunosuppressant medication may need adjustment.

Are you pregnant or do you think you might be pregnant? Discuss risks/benefits of vaccination.

Are you breastfeeding? Discuss risks/benefits of vaccination.

Have you been unwell with a cough, sore throat or fever? Please reschedule.

Have received any other vaccination in the last 14 days? Please reschedule.

Kind regards,
Drs John and Mel Deery, on behalf of everyone at YourGP

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