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Services Provided

Children’s Health

Paediatrics is a special interest of the GPs. Kids love to visit. The GPs and nurses all enjoy seeing children.

Dr Kathleen O’Brien, Dr Krystle Marca and Dr Sam Primrose have done further studies with Diplomas in Paediatrics at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Childhood Immunisations

GPs and nurses are supportive of childhood vaccinations. They are safe and an effective way to protect your child. Immunisation records are uploaded electronically to the Australian Immunisation Register.

Chronic Disease Management

GPs are highly experienced at helping patients with:
1. Cardiovascular disease including myocardial infarction (heart attack) and post-MI care; valvular heart disease; hypertension (high blood pressure); heart failure.
2. Type 2 Diabetes both new-onset and established.
2. Osteaorthritis
3. Chronic Kidney disease Stages 1 through 4.
4. Autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis.

Driver’s Medicals

Commercial driving medical assessments require a double length appointment. For non-commercial licences for chronic medical conditions book a standard appointment.

Men’s Health

Check-ups, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, vasectomy, mental health and STI screens.

For More information on vasectomies, please see 'vasectomy' section below.

Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, postnatal depression, schizophrenia, grief, bipolar depression and PTSD.

A mental health care plan (referral to a psychologist) requires a double appointment.

Minor Procedures

Implanon insertion and removal, IUD insertion and removal, skin cancers removal, ingrown toenail repair, tongue tie, vasectomy.

Not all procedures are done by all doctors, please call the practice to find the doctor best suited to help you.

IUD Insertion

Dr Kyla Bremner, Dr Krystle Marca or Dr Linda Shean at YourGP@Crace

This involves a visit to discuss IUD suitability and then a separate appointment for insertion.


Diagnosis and assessment of all types of joint and muscle sprains and strains.

Tongue Tie

Dr John Deery only. Tongue tie is a common condition of newborn children. It will sometimes cause newborns to have a lot of difficulty with breastfeeding. He can provide prompt assessment and treatment of the condition, on the same day, when appropriate.
Lip tie concerns are common and will rarely need surgical correction. If concerned please book for assessment.

Travel Vaccinations

For a list of likely travel requirements please look-up

Yellow fever vaccine is available at Denman with Dr Anna Colwell or at Crace with Dr Kyla Bremner, Dr Krystel Chin, Dr Penny Gosling, Dr Nicolas Grandjean-Thomsen or Kristin O'Neill. Please bring any previous immunisation records.

Skin Checks

Dr Julie Beuth, Dr Kyla Bremner, Dr Ian Chan, Dr Sam Primrose, Dr Linda Shean, Dr Neena Sood and Dr Kit Wong. Skin checks require a long appointment. Please do not wear make-up.


Initial consult with Dr John Deery at either Lyneham or Denman. The procedure is performed at Crace only on Thursday and Friday mornings. Please see for more information.

Women’s Health

Check-ups, pap smears, STI screens, breast check, contraceptive advice, implanon insertion and removal, IUD insertion, menopause, pregnancy planning, shared antenatal care and postnatal check-ups.

Workers Compensation

Payment is required at the time of your appointment. Standard consultation charges apply. Your insurer will reimburse you.

After Hours

Our After Hours services are contained on our 'new patient' page. Please navigate to or click on the link at the top of the page.

Allied Health

Capital Pathology

Capital Pathology is located next door to the practice. Opening hours are 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday. You can call to book on 6242 0004 or just drop in.


Immunisations, ear syringe, wound management, health assessments, ECG, iron infusions, diabetes clinics, health assessments and chronic disease care plans. Bookings only available by calling reception.